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Managing the Late Stages of a Bull Market with Bill Carrigan - Oakville Chapter CSTA Meeting June 12th, 2013

  • 12 Jun 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Room C094


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  • March 2013 Monthly Meeting

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Managing the Late Stages of a Bull Market

Join us for the last speaking engagement of the season with guest speaker Bill Carrigan of

We are in the mature phase of a Rebound Bull market. A rebound bull is a powerful linear advance that follows a Granddaddy Bear such as we had in 2000-2002, 2007-2009 and the crash of 1987.

The current Rebound Bull is about 48+ months or 1500 days old. The previous rebound bull of 2002-2007 ran for 60 months. As this bull ages look for normal sector rotation to return as the global recovery becomes a reality.
Understand the normal sector rotation order: - and why - interest rates? - inflation? currency wars?

Leading Stock Sectors - Financial, Utilities & Telecom

Coincident Stock Sectors - Consumer, Health Care, Industrial & Technology

Lagging Stock Sectors - Energy & Materials

Use technical analysis to use sector rotation in order to remain fully invested - learn where to be and where not to be.

About Bill Carrigan

Based in Vineland, Ontario was founded in 1997 by Bill Carrigan who has been a student of technical analysis since the early 1970’s. He also devoted time to complete the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation program.

Bill has been writing a weekly business column in the Toronto Star since 1997, and was an early contributor to the former “Report on Business Television”. He has founded the Getting Technical Market Newsletter in December 1998.

Bill is also an Instructor for the Canadian Securities Institute. He is also a contributing author of the textbook for the technical analysis course offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). He is also called upon to provide training to industry professionals on technical analysis at many of Canada’s leading brokerage firms.

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