Canadian Society of Technical Analysts

Toronto Chapter CSTA Meeting

  • 29 May 2013
  • 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Strathcona Hotel, 60 York St, Toronto, Ontario


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The New TSX60

The investment business is primarily about beating a sector benchmark, or peer funds, or simply delivering more than a composite index. Though 90% of the money managers fail to consistently beat the benchmark, delivering more than the benchmark is considered as a filter which separates the outperformers from the rest. While the market community is focused on this outperformance, little research has been done on financial innovation which recreates, redefines, recalculate the benchmark (composite index) itself, to make a new benchmark. Very few have attempted this feat like S&P Dow Jones Indices, Russell and Fundamental index, the innovators end up becoming the new market itself.

Extreme reversion is an idea that redefines 1902 Mean Reversion, redefines 1950 Behavioral finance, looks at market as a dynamical system (Chaos) and marries value with momentum. Indexing is a new financial innovation which works across asset classes, across regions, across styles and strategies. The speaker will present how the new index methodology can be used to recreate, redefine, and recalculate the TSX 60 in various ways to enhance ALPA while maintaining a desired utility. Market participants can use the strategy for active or passive investing, as an ETF or a managed account.

Speaker Profile: Mukul Pal, CMT

Mukul is a Chartered Market Technician, MBA Finance and a member of the reputed Market Technicians Association (MTA). He has more than a decade of Capital Market experience dealing with derivatives and global assets. He has worked for Bombay Stock Exchange, multinational Banks and brokerage houses in leading research positions before starting on his own in 2005. He is currently the President of the MTA Central and Eastern European Chapter.

Orpheus Capitals is a global alternative research which provides data analytics, risk management solutions etc. The company’s vision is to revolutionize the world’s understanding of TIME and build research and analytics around it. The company is listed with Integrity Research (New York). Alternative Research includes price and time fractals, cycles, sentiment and quantitative research. The company publishes research reports internationally on Reuters, Thomson, Capital IQ, FactSet, Research and Market platforms and Finalaya. The research coverage includes 10,000 global assets and non-capital market data. The services include forecasts, cycles, strategies, analytics, risk management and Indices for Investment Management.

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