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Oakville Chapter CSTA Meeting

  • 13 Mar 2013
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)
  • Queen Elizabeth Park roomC094


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  • March 2013 Monthly Meeting

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Is there a 'Coming Secular Shift' setting up in the Markets?

The topic of this presentation will focus on exploring the possibility of coming secular shift(s) in major markets.  Exploring the possibility of a shift away from how those markets have been moving and trending up to now, to the kick off of new potential trends.

We will examine charts to see where we are right now, and scenarios of where we might be headed.

  • Are markets changing?
  • Are markets setting up for a "new" big move?
  • Is a new secular trend developing that might change everything as we know it now?
  • What instruments or markets might be worth keeping an eye on for indications or a "heads up" for a big upcoming move?
  • Can we look to the past for an indication of what might happen in the future?

One of our CSTA Oakville members, a long term student of the markets, will be giving a brief presentation including touching on the topic of inter-market technical analysis and his thoughts on what he is looking at now, and, possible scenarios on where markets might be headed. 

The group will be encouraged to use their knowledge and technical analysis skills to "weigh in" on the discussion.  This meeting is expected to be less formal and more interactive.

We will provide more time for group discussion and networking as well.

Some of our active trading/investing group members will also discuss, time permitting, what they are collectively watching for and what they feel might potentially kick things off. 

(All ideas expressed will be opinion and commentary only).

Expect a full 45 min to 1 hour power packed presentation plus Q&A, discussion and group networking time to follow. 

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