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CSTA Oakville - April - AmiBroker Technical Platform **ONLINE REGISTRANT**

  • 07 Apr 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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AmiBroker Technical Platform Meeting

April 2020.

Presenter: Nick Radge,
Nick is a professional trader, educator and author who has been trading since 1985. He has worked in the pits on the trading floor of the Sydney Futures Exchange to International dealing desks in Sydney, London and Singapore.
Nick's expertise lies in trading system design and technical analysis with a particular focus on momentum investing and trend following strategies. Nick also runs an intensive Trading System Mentor Course teaching students to design and code their own trading strategies.

Topic : "Trend Following and Systematic Trading/Investing in the Face of Crisis and Market Dislocations".
The markets are currently experiencing un-precedented volatility and record breaking declines in terms of sell-off speed.  It's easy to look at past data and historical backtests after the fact to gauge how your trading/investing systems would have performed and for hindsight guidance on what you should have done.  But past history and the live, real-time hard right edge of the chart are two very different experiences.
Guest presenter Nick Radge of, with 35 years of real market experience will be joining the AmiBroker Canada User Group for an in-depth discussion on trend following, systematic trading and investing.  Nick will discuss trend following and systematic trading/investing, and how he deals with the real-time fallout from market dislocations, such as the one we are currently experiencing that was kicked-off due to the recent Coronavirus crisis.
This will be a special meeting because Nick will be fielding specific member questions dealing with the concerns that you have right now, as well as sharing his own unique experiences and insights into how he deals with all aspects of market turmoil. 

Some of the subjects that will be discussed;

  • How to deal with draw downs as a Systematic Trader/Investor - are they inevitable or can they be avoided?
  • Short Term Systems versus Trend Following in the context of a volatile market environment
  • Trend Following - how to deal with the "bend in the end of the trend", some regime filter / market timing filter ideas to help limit draw downs of Systems that can be used and tested with AmiBroker
  • Active Short Term Systems - knowing when to use leverage and when to take your foot off the gas and de-leverage your Systems
  • Views on Tail Risk Hedging and ways to navigate risk of sudden market direction change
  • Ideas for "Systems That Work Best in Volatile Markets"
  • How to Know Best When and How to Shut Systems Down in Volatile Markets - how to gauge when things aren't currently working
  • The specific types of Systems that Nick likes and personally uses, and why, based on his own risk appetite
  • Some discussion around how Nick analyzes system backtests with some insights into "the Expectancy Curve" and "using Monte Carlo Analysis" from his book "Unholy Grails"

A lot of the discussion at this meeting will be open forum discussion and member-driven versus presentation-based, so we are strongly encouraging our members to pre-post your questions for Nick in this specific forum thread.   This will give Nick some time to pre-think and provide more thoughtful answers and insights into your current challenges.  At any rate, bring your questions live to the meeting too!

The meeting will most likely be held online only as a result of the current Coronavirus self-isolation protocols being suggested by various governmental institutions and due to the current situation.  We have no way of knowing if that situation will change by April 7th, but will advise if it does.

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