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Webcast: “Crisis Alpha in 2020” with JC Parets, CMT

  • 01 Apr 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Webcast


April 1, 2020 - 8:00 am - 9:00 am 

Webcast featuring:   

JC Parets, CMT

Speaker: JC Parets, who holds a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, is the founder of All Star Charts and is one of the most widely followed Technical Analysts in the world. All Star Charts is a research platform for both professional and retail investors covering US and International stocks, interest rates, commodities and forex markets.

JC’s work has been featured regularly on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC, CNN, Wall Street Journal and many other financial media outlets around the world. You will often see JC as a speaker at some of the top investing conferences; he has also been invited to speak at Harvard, Duke, NYU, University of Chicago and Hong Kong Baptist University, among other institutions, about Technical Analysis and Behavioral Finance. JC specializes in finding the most opportunistic risk vs reward propositions while at the same time bringing a top/down approach to the marketplace whose wide spectrum is rivaled by few.

In 2017, JC launched Technical Analysis Radio, a podcast dedicated to Technical Analysis and the Technicians who practice it.

When he is not looking at charts, JC enjoys playing and watching sports, good food and good wine. He splits time between New York City, Miami and Sonoma Valley but also does his best to travel the world speaking to investors from different cultures always striving to become a wiser investor.

Topic: JC Parets, CMT does not know anything about viruses. However, for investors trying to understand risk/reward relationships in the current markets, this presentation should not be missed. The All Star Charts team analyzes global securities markets based 100% on the supply and demand dynamics. Their timeframe is simple: JC and his team look out weeks and months. For intraday traders or ultra-long-term asset allocators in sovereign wealth and pension funds, this presentation may not apply directly to your decision making. For every other investor managing an intermediate-term time horizon, these tools are invaluable.

Candlestick charts guide JC’s daily analysis of global markets. He also reviews 3000 individual price charts weekly with just bars. No moving averages or momentum or anything else on the chart – just bars. Simplicity is surprisingly illuminating.

The market has taught JC, the hard way, to check his ego at the door and always remember that the future is unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how loud they get on TV, they don’t know anything that you don’t know about what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. In light of that fact, it all boils down to how well investors manage risk.

Join us Wednesday, April 1st to brief your team on a top down view of current market conditions including any improvements in market breadth, bullish divergences and other signs of bottoming for individual equities or global indices. JC will also point to non-correlated assets in the current environment and important ratio charts and intermarket relationships that point to opportunities even in the face of profoundly bearish conditions in February and March. Remember what Ned Davis taught us, it’s not about being right, it’s about making money.

Email with webinar link will be emailed to all members Tuesday Afternoon.

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