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CSTA Oakville Chapter Monthly Meeting - March - ** ONLINE PARTICIPANT**

  • 11 Mar 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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March 11

Speaker:  Adrian Reid - Founder - Enlightened Stock Trading

Topic: Systematic Trading Workflow - The perfect workflow for busy, independent traders

Bio: Adrian is a full time private trader, as well as the Founder and Trading Coach at Enlightened Stock Trading ( which is dedicated to educating and supporting traders on their journey to profitable systematic trading.

Adrian started regularly trading stocks over 18 years ago with just $7500 having been interested in the stock market ever since playing the "Stock Market Game" as a child with his family. He now trades stocks privately for his family account using a portfolio of mechanical trading systems which include trend following, swing trading, mean reversion as well as shorting stocks and ETFs.

He trades long / short across Australian and international stock markets. Adrian's trading systems have consistently outperformed international share markets with dramatically reduced risk over the past 15 years.

Adrian left the corporate world in 2012 after making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working just 30 minutes a day managing his trading systems. This was in stark contrast to the 12-15 hours a day he was spending on his corporate job while earning less money!

Adrian’s systematic approach to stock trading generates both income and wealth creation which allows him to spend most of his time with his wife Stephanie and three children.

Educating traders is a passion of Adrian’s having been infuriated by the scams and misinformation in the trading industry. Adrian started Enlightened Stock Trading to educate traders in the principles of profitable independent trading through the development of their own personalized portfolio of trading systems. Adrian is focused on empowering stock traders – teaching you to be independently successful rather than relying on him (or anyone else) for advice like most educators.

Through Enlightened Stock Trading, Adrian’s goal is to help you build wealth and freedom by systematically trading the stock market using your own unique and profitable trading systems which suit your Personality, Objectives and Lifestyle.

Adrian is the creator of ‘The Trader Success System’ which transforms novice traders into accomplished systematic stock traders in just 3 months. The Trader Success System achieves this by:

  • Providing the Knowledge you need to develop and backtest your own profitable stock trading systems
  • Giving you a powerful Collection of Trading Systems to establish your portfolio quickly
  • Shortening your learning curve with all of the Coding Tools, to empower your system development
Adrian facilitates the Enlightened Stock Trading Mastermind each month for accomplished systematic traders who want to take their trading to the next level through diversification, support and external challenge.

Adrian writes regularly for Your Trading Edge magazine on the topic of trading systems and backtesting and has appeared on numerous trading podcasts and trading summits. He is also an avid student of personal development, having studied programs by Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, Brendon Burchard, T. Harv Ecker, Van Tharp and is a licensed Avatar Master.

He is a Blair Singer Training Academy Certified Trainer ensuring your trading education is a transformational experience and he works daily with groups of traders and individuals to build their capability and expertise.


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