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IFTA Conference - Milan, Italy

  • 13 Oct 2017
  • 9:00 AM
  • 15 Oct 2017
  • 6:00 PM
  • Piazza Duca D’Aosta 9 Milan 20124 ITALY

Speaker: Connie Brown, MFTA, CMT

IFTA Webinar: Cycles: Conventional to Non-Linear

(A 2-hour interactive classroom event.)

Presenter: Constance (Connie) Brown, MFTA, CMT

Date: Saturday, 30 September 2017;  11:00 AM EDT (New York time)

Attention IFTA Liaison: Please pass along to your members!



This is a 2-hour working classroom and lecture. Using the same online interactive software used by Harvard and Yale Universities, you will experience a new way to learn technical analysis. There will be polls, participant chart notation, live market analysis, and interactive Q&A during the class.


The topics cover a wide breadth of concepts and applications of cycle analysis:

  • How do charts utilize cycloid and sine wave analysis?
  • What are harmonics and how do they apply to markets?
  • Do you have all the IFTA terms and definitions clear in your mind?
  • Why do fixed cycles shift and is there a solution?
  • What are non-linear cycles and how are they created for market analysis? Did you know that angles are a component of cycle analysis?
  • Did you know Euclid Propositions of geometry can be adapted to your cycle research?

Cycles are far more than periodicity. As you begin to understand how ratios, angles, harmonics, and frequencies fit into our field of cycle study, you will have an appreciation that we are utilizing just the tip of the iceberg today.


We will give time to explore event triggers, cause and effect, and intermarket cycle analysis. Do you know when and how to lean on a different market, other than the one you are trading, to increase your timing probability?


So many questions and methods will be demonstrated in a live environment that we need the full 2-hours to cover the material. Based on the reviews of this classroom given to a group of institutional traders, you will develop new understandings and concepts to explore after the class. There is an opportunity to judge your experience and see the cumulative ratings at the conclusion.



As this is a classroom, sign-up is different than in prior presentations. You will need to send an email to Connie of your interest to attend. ( The software company is then notified and they will send you a registration form to complete. Part of this step will require you to create your own password to use to enter the room. You are sent a confirmation approval after IFTA confirms your membership. Final step, you are sent a link closer to the event to use as your sign-in.


IMPORTANT: If you share your password and another tries to enter the room, you will both be expelled from the classroom by the classroom vendor. No shadow listeners please. Another thing to know... you will have a 15-minute window to enter before the event. There will be downloads and a few activities that occur only during this pre-class time. No one will be allowed to enter late. The reason is it disrupts the flow for everyone else as the software pings your arrival or worse... requires the presenters' permission for you to gain access.


Connie Brown, CMT, MFTA 

Risk analysis has been an important consideration throughout Connie's career. In 1988 Connie was the brand manager for Eastman Kodak's Professional Color Films when she left Rochester, N.Y. for Wall Street. The company made the decision, after a hotly contested battle, not to launch a product they had first invented... the digital camera. Today the massive coating allies that once produced the world's premiere films and papers are obsolete and silent.

Major cross-road changes still impact every trader and asset manager today. As example, the birth of the internet, and Central Bank's use of Quantitative Easing impacted gold, rates, and equities. Technical analysis is multi-dimensional thinking and more than metrics from a chart. Perhaps the lessons learned at Kodak have contributed to Connie's long career. Soon as you think you have a grasp of the operating environment; count on the industry to change the rules on the playing field. However, a trader's tools should work in all environments.

Connie is the founder of Aerodynamic Investments Inc. (1996). Her ability to evaluate risk and opportunity have provided various responsibilities that included institutional trading, Hedge Fund Manager, teacher, and consultant. She has advised institutional clients who acknowledge her market timing and global strategies are often well ahead of the industry.

The 2007 book released by Bloomberg Press; "Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis; New Thinking from the World's Top Minds" recorded in print her warning of a major global correction for 2008. She was four years ahead of the industry in thinking about a possible breakdown of the Euro currency and a global banking crisis. Her assessment for the Oil markets to collapse in a corrective pattern from 2014 into 2018 has started a new interest in the industry as this was called a correction that would set the stage for a stellar spike upwards dislodging global equity indexes within 2019 to 2021. Her reputation has been based on audited returns and publicly documented market calls.

Connie has nine published books. She is currently working on a major work that covers the breadth of lessons that she has learned across her career that includes Gann Analysis. She can be contacted through her institutional websites at or at

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