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IFTA Annual Conference

  • 21 Oct 2016
  • 23 Oct 2016
  • Sydney, Australia



The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) and the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA) are proudly hosting the annual IFTA Conference for 2016 in Sydney, Australia; Friday 21 – Sunday 23 October 2016 at The Menzies Sydney Hotel.

The IFTA 2016 conference website is “live” and bookings are open! 

You can visit now at:  IFTA 2016 Sydney

We strongly recommend you attend, but why?

·         Technical Analysts from around the world - The IFTA Annual Conference is the leading annual event across the globe, especially for you. 

·         Professional Technical Analysts, Fund Managers and other Financial Professionals - You will all find it invaluable in your work, the intellectual review, the meeting of minds, the discussions both formal and informal. 

·         Experienced private financial market traders and investors - You will gain new insights into the sophisticated strategies necessary in today’s markets,

·         Less experienced traders and investors - You will have the opportunity to mix with and learn from leaders in the field and greatly expand your breadth of understanding. 

·         Managing your own retirement savings? – No matter what level of knowledge you consider you are at, this is a “must attend” event to build your own knowledge.

The conference program is close to complete. All the main session Speaker Profiles are listed on the website along with their Presentation Profiles.  “Power Hour” speakers are yet to be announced. Speakers and all other events will be working to the conference theme “From Theory to Profitability – Achieving Better Returns Through Technical Analysis”. The theme says it all – better returns are the aim!  

More information will be posted continuously over the next few weeks. Come back and visit regularly!

Australia is a long way from both Europe and the Americas in kilometers, but not with modern air travel. It is generally only one or two travel sectors from any major city in the world to Sydney.  If your airline travel is normally “commuter hops from city to city” a conference visit to Sydney gives you the opportunity to sample “inter-continental” travel.  This is substantially more pleasant and enjoyable than commuter aircraft trips. All the newer larger aircraft are a delight compared with what has gone before.

Again, with the vagaries of the financial markets we see airline travel currently being low cost and the Australian Dollar is also lower than in previous times.  This means that this Conference is astounding value for overseas visitors both in airline travel, accommodation and conference cost.  Before you dismiss this IFTA conference as “too far – too expensive” take a look at today’s cost!  The “Early Bird” offer containing all three social events, (including a stunning dinner cruise on the harbor) is especially well priced, however this offer expires in mid-August. Remember too, advance purchase of airline tickets is an excellent strategy to save cost.

Sydney is an exciting, wealthy and cosmopolitan city of more than four million people situated on one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world.  Infrastructure is good, it is easy to get around and the locals are friendly and helpful.  Sydney and surrounds are a tourist paradise with plenty to see and do, something for everyone really; October will be the “down-under” mid-Spring season and the weather is generally superb at this time of year.


The Conference program will be “first class” as you would expect.  Check out the website at: IFTA 2016 Sydney. All the main session speakers are committed and their Speaker Profiles and Presentation Abstracts are loaded. All the social events are arranged and you can book both conference attendance and accommodation.


More information will be posted on the website continuously over the next few weeks. Come back and visit regularly!

Remember, many people travel around the world year after year to attend this event. It will be in Sydney, Australia, the first time since 1997. 

Take advantage, bring a colleague, book soon, book now,


Best Regards,


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